Friday, October 10, 2008

Check it out!

I discovered the blog The Long Thread just a couple of days ago, and this morning added it to my subscription list in Google Reader. Then just now I sat down to nibble on some lunch in front of the computer and what pops up before me, but this! I clapped and smiled and laughed, which made my five-year-old question what on Earth had just changed my sour mood so quickly. I pointed to my shoes among the lovely montage of Fallish Etsy finds, but said five-year-old was still bewildered. Ah, well. Guess it doesn't take much to make me happy after all- and this really did! It's always nice to know that someone else likes my shoes, especially on a day like today when every stitch feels like a chore and every time I lift my scissors I want to groan. So, thanks Ellen, if you read this! I'm totally writing down her pumpkin cheesecake recipe, and will be making a ribbon wreath one of these days.

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the long thread said...

What a small world, huh? I saw your link to my post. Glad it made you smile!

I also have that Dick and Jane book you posted about. But it seems to give me an allergy attack every time I open it, so it's sitting on a shelf.