Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just a hello

Please forgive my absence. I have a good excuse, I swear.

He's about as good as it gets, if you ask me.

Our little Finnley arrived on the 12th, so lately there's been little crafting and lots of staring and kissing.

I did recently become inspired to do a few Easter crafts, but I don't have nearly enough time to get them done before we leave for Eastern Idaho on Tuesday, so I might have to share when we get back. Don't worry, it's nothing Earth-shattering (is it ever?), just a few tutorials I found that I want to try. I know- I'll send you to the links in case you want to do them yourself, how's that? Ok, here ya go:

Easter Bunny appliques to make over tees & a sleeper, and a cute hedgehog stuffie from Lollychops, then some felt Easter baskets inspired by this maya*made tutorial.

Happy spring!


eve said...

oh my heavens he is so beautiful! that picture between his siblings is so priceless!
i thought he must've come along..
we thought of using the middle name 'lee' for our finn, so i really like his name!
i am so happy to see him, thanks for posting!

lilyofthewest said...

What a beauty he is. I hope you are doing well and are having a delicious time eating that new baby up.
Thank you again for the baby sacks....Oliver is already three months old and growing like a weed. He sleeps in your baby sacks every night. I love them!!
Take good care and give that new little man loves and snuggles from this Sara too.