Monday, February 1, 2010

a little project brewing

Have you ever been wandering the thrift store and thought to yourself, "Hm. I wonder if they have a such-n-such...?", then turned a corner and found that very such-n-such? That happens very infrequently, but tonight I got to experience that wonderful, giddy feeling that comes when it does happen.

I've been wanting a hot water bottle but just couldn't bring myself to shell out $15 for one from the drug store. And frankly, I've been too lazy and forgetful to really hunt down a good deal. Then tonight while I was dragging my kids through our local Savers I came to that little section with random stuff hanging on the wall, like slippers and stethoscopes and massagers and shoe trees. I actually said the words out loud, "I wonder if they might have a hot water bottle...?" and then my eyes rested on this.

It's an old one, but never used!
In fact, it was still bolted to the box.
It even has the 5 year Guarantee Certificate with it. Ha!
I looked all over for a manufacture date, but all I could find to indicate its age was this handwritten price of $2.98. How long ago would a brand new hot water bottle have cost $2.98??
Anyway, I'm stoked. The rubber is still very soft and supple, not hard or cracking like I kind of thought it would be. I've been wanting to get one because my kids often ask to use our hot rice bags for their achy legs, but sometimes waiting that 3 minutes for them to warm up in the microwave feels like an eternity. Turning on the hot water is much faster. I've also thought how nice it would be to be able to put some ice water in one of these water bottles for instant cold therapy.

But to tell you the truth, the real reason I wanted one was so I can make a cozy for it. :) I'd seen some knitted covers on Etsy that were just darling, but since I'm not a knitter I thought I'd try making one from thrifted, felted sweaters instead.

Or there's this idea which I just LOVE.

Aren't those gorgeous??

I think I'll try the sweater cover first. Can't wait to show you!

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