Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Refashion: Women's Skirt to Girl's Dress

Yesterday I set off for the thrift store in hopes of finding a woman's dress that would provide me with enough fabric to make an Easter dress for my daughter. In the dress section I came up empty, but I hit the jackpot in the skirt aisle.

This size 16 women's skirt was perfect. Lovely floral print and colors, breezy cotton fabric and beautiful details.

The front had a nice pleated section in the middle, with a white satin ribbon running around the whole waistline.

But I think it was the ruffle that sold me. I love the fuller white ruffle underneath that looks like a petticoat.

My next stop was the fabric store to find some coordinating fabric to make a sash. No luck. I really wanted to bring out those sweet aqua flowers, but the closest I could get was this turquoise, which was too dark. So I tried bleaching it but it only turned into a minty green color (which isn't really showing in this photo very well- and I'm not sure why the skirt has a pink cast to it).

I didn't take any process photos of this project because I really wasn't sure how it would turn out, and I was kind of just figuring it out as I went and working from only my daughter's measurements.

But honestly, I'm tickled to death with how it came together.

(Really not loving that sash color, though...)

I added some knife pleats to the front bodice for a little more coverage, which my uber-modest six-year-old appreciates.

Determined to use the side zipper from the skirt, I added a piece to either side to make it wide enough.

The pleated detail shows on the front bodice.

The ruffle is my favorite part.
Today I was hoping to venture out to another fabric store in search of a better fabric for the sash, but with all 3 kids at home and rainy weather I'm not sure if it'll happen. It may have to wait. But I'm definitely changing it and will post new pics when I do.


Jake & Lisa Danes said...

And here I am getting ready to blanket stitch a recieving blanket...that is totally lame!! I can't wait till I can one day make dresses for Bri out of old skirts and such! I agree on the sash..it is way too bright takes away from such a pretty dress. As always great job Sarah!

Unknown said...

I love how the fabric works together and she looks very satisfied! My favorite part is how the main print is....
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