Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An easy yet personal baby shower gift

The other day I attended an open house for a friend of mine who will soon be welcoming her fifth child into the world. I love trying to make something by hand for my expectant friends, and this time I really had fun with it.

I purchased a package of white Onesies then went to town decorating each one.

This stork silhouette was found online then printed onto inkjet transfer paper and ironed on.

The kids and I were watching "James and the Giant Peach" while I was making these, and Mr. Earthworm became the inspiration for this one. :)

Does he look familiar? That's one of my trusty ol' birdy designs from my shoe making days.

And of course, this will be a proud reminder of her baby boy's lucky number.

This one was my favorite, but I was so excited about it that I muffed the first try by ironing it on upside down! First I found the image of the ticket online, then used Photoshop to add the text and printed it onto transfer paper. The fix came by printing another image, ironing it onto a small bit of white fabric then stitching it over the upside down image on the Onesie.

I tucked a flannel receiving blanket down into a thrifted basket then added a pair of Diddle Dumpling baby shoes and surrounded them with the Onesies.

A little ric-rac tied around the basket for some color, and I think overall the effect is charming!


Life Enjoyed said...

Absolutely adorable! Our new little guy looks great in your cute onsies and shoes. You are amazingly creative. Thank you so much!

Cindy said...

Hi, I stumbled on to your blog via pinterest. Someone I follow on there had pinned your button caterpillar. It's so cute! I made one of my own to cover a stain on a hand me down jumper. I love all the embellishments you've done to onesies. They make cute and unique shower gifts!

I'm linking back to your blog from mine where I posted about the jumper.


New Baby Gifts Shop said...

Some of the best baby gift ideas are those that are made and planned the DIY style. You did your baby shower gifts pretty well. Kudos!

Laura said...

I found your site via pinterest. LOVE LOVE LOVE the caterpillar onesie. I can't tell from the picture. What did you use for the antennas?

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