Monday, October 4, 2010

Before and After: Pine Dresser and Pine & Iron Side Table

I bought this pine dresser at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale for $5. But considering its condition the price was about right.

If you click on the photo above you'll see that the drawers were in terrible shape. Almost all of them were falling apart, and the fronts were so deeply gouged that I had to cover them up completely. Old sheet music was the answer.

The sheet music came from a sale I went to a few days after starting on this dresser and had realized that I didn't have enough on hand for the drawers. Thank goodness I found some more!

I know this probably kills you piano players out there, but the books I used had no covers, were falling apart, and the pages were pretty brittle and stained. This seemed like a nice way to preserve and show off the beauty of sheet music.

The next problem I ran into was finding drawer pulls for it. It needed 10, which would be pricey. Hobby Lobby didn't have theirs on sale that week, but I remembered that I'd found this bag of brassy knobs at the Bargain Center once. Even though I only had 9 of them, I decided to try to make them work for this piece.

They got primed, then painted with Oil Rubbed Bronze, then I glazed them with some white to make the design stand out.

This little table jumped into my cart during a last minute thrift store run. I wasn't looking for another piece to refinish (heaven knows I have plenty and my deadline for Simply Content was just a couple of days away), but I couldn't pass it up.

The orangey pine color needed to go, and the cool iron hardware had been given an unfortunate sponge treatment with some gold paint.

It also looked like the top had been attacked by a very zealous toddler who'd jackhammered the table with the end of a pen.

Again, I forgot to take photos of this before I brought it to the sale, so I apologize for these "after" photos. They're kind of cluttered.

First I removed the hardware then repaired the deep gouges in the top with some wood filler. Creamy white paint and some distressing finished off the top, and some sanding of the iron pieces got rid of the gold sponged "detail".

I hope you all have enjoyed these "before and after" posts. I've got one more to share before I give it a rest for a bit. But I'll be back!


Crystelle said...

LOVE the music sheets!!!!
You inspire me!!!

jabroon piece said...

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Wonderful dresser.its look modern and beautiful.It also looked like the top had been attacked by a very zealous toddler who'd jackhammered the table with the end of a pen.

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