Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Before and After: Nighstand, Dresser and (another) Chair

This little nightstand was listed for sale on Craigslist along with the dresser that I'll show you next. They're not a pair, but I decided to paint them similarly so they could go together.

They were both sort of a dirty white color, and both weathered in an ugly way, but they each had nice lines and cute hardware which made them seem worth revamping.

The top of the nightstand was some kind of pressboard, covered in that shiny plastic laminate that you see on lots of this kind of furniture. I sanded the laminate really well and proceeded to prime and paint the whole thing Heirloom White.

The little cubby got a coat of pretty blue and then I glazed everything to bring out the details.

As much as I love a good chippy piece of furniture, this little chest of drawers just didn't have the look I want when it comes to a natural distressed finish. The paint was chippy alright, but for some reason it looked less charming and more neglected and sad. This is what it looked like after I'd already started to sand it.

That paint just kept wanting to come off, so it took a while before I finally got it ready to paint. It too got primed and painted Heirloom White, then glazed with dark brown to finish it off.
I forgot to take a picture of it, but I also lined the drawers of each one with a cute polkadot contact paper that I found at Target. Good little trick to cover up stained or ugly insides of drawers.

You know me and chairs. There's bound to be a chair hanging around waiting to be redone.

This one got primed then painted with a pretty slate blue spray paint, then distressed quite a bit.

I used the same technique for a hand painted bird detail that I used on this chair a while back. SUPER easy.
I was hoping to have another "before and after" to include in this post but it turns out that I forgot to take the "after" photos before it sold. I hate when I do that! Guess I'd better get going on some more stuff, then, huh?

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