Saturday, October 8, 2011

A little more Fall decor

Lately I've been Fall-ifying and spook-ifying my house a little bit. Many of the decorations that I came up with last year are making an appearance, indoors and out, along with a couple of new ones.

Recently I came across this darling leaf-covered initial project from The Thrifty Abode and decided to make one for myself. Little did I know how difficult finding a large paper mache H would be...

So I made my own using this tutorial from Me Like Stuff. I just used some cereal and cracker boxes because I had them on hand and they're the perfect stiffness for this kind of thing. I sprayed the whole letter with white primer when it was dry so the newsprint wouldn't show, but looking back it would've been smarter to paint it yellow or orange because later I had to go in and paint the little white spots that peeked through my leaves. The leaves were something I'd picked up a few years ago at Michael's but for the life of me can't find natural leaves anywhere now.

It hangs by some ribbon inside an empty yard sale frame next to my front door and I kind of love it.
This next project is another knock-off, though I didn't have a tutorial to follow so I just winged it. My friend has this adorable wooden cat silhouette standing on her sideboard and I wanted to try making one of my own. All I had was a piece of thin MDF, so I found an image of a spooky cat online and drew it onto my board.

It was pretty tricky with all the little ins and outs, but my jigsaw and I finally got it cut, then I used a box cutter for the eyes. Sandpaper smoothed out the edges, and some primer and flat black spray paint finished it off. I cut a slit in a piece of wood so the feet just slide in and my kitty can stand up.

My friend's is way cooler, but I'm happy with how mine turned out. Wouldn't he look cute standing in a window?

Finally, I've at last replaced my blue spring/summer pillows with some more fallish ones in the living room. This color scheme from design seeds was my inspiration this year.

The long green one in the middle was a Home Goods purchase, then I bought some linen from and sewed up some simple envelope-style covers for a couple of feather inserts that I'd gotten at a thrift store.

The orange is pretty bright, but I don't mind. It adds a punch to those other muted colors. Still got some more decorating to do, but things are coming along. Have you gotten your Halloween and fall decor out yet?


Kimberly said...

You are my inspiration, you know that? When/if I get married and have to do something with my living space more than just live in it, I'm gonna come to you for lots of advice. I adore the letter inside the frame! Such a cool idea!

Jessica said...

Everything looks awesome!! I love all the stuff you make and re-do!

Kelli Kickham said...

That cat is awesome. I'm suddenly inspired to do some decorating of my own. =)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all of your refashions, they come out so beautiful!

I shared this post in a party inspiration board (for hallo ween of course!)if you'd like to check it out :)

Thanks for sharing your creations!

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