Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A little baby spot

Ideally, my baby boy would have a nursery. In this nursery would be his crib, a changing table, my rocking chair, another piece of furniture like a dresser or armoire for extra storage, and of course TONS of adorable decor.


Realistically, however, with a family of 6 in a house that's too small, we just can't devote one of the 3 bedrooms into a special haven for one tiny little guy. So, for the time being, my baby gets a small corner of our master bedroom. Today I attempted to make that corner just a bit more functional-- and cute.

While I was still pregnant I gave the changing table/dresser a facelift. I painted it off-white then added the chevron pattern with a taupe color that I mixed myself. Unfortunately my gigantic stomach wouldn't let me go any lower than almost to the bottom, and I just haven't gotten around to finishing it up since Baby arrived. I replaced the silver cup handles that it had before with some warm wooden knobs from Hobby Lobby.

For a little more storage space (and to boost the cute factor) I built this shelf using half of a narrow shutter, a board, iron brackets and some hooks (also from Hobby Lobby).
The shutter shelf is where I hang the diaper holder that I got during my previous pregnancy (which also serves as a place for me to keep Little One's new bow tie collection), as well as a burp cloth caddy that I sewed up today.
Does anyone else use plain old cloth diapers for burp cloths? I have a ton, and I use them A LOT, so I decided it was time to come up with something that would keep them handy but contained. I just made a tube with some scraps of fabric (including leftovers from the crib bedding I made) and added casings on the top and bottom of the tube. The top casing has ribbon in it so I can open it up and stuff the cloths in, and the bottom casing houses elastic so I can easily pull one out at a time.

Moving on.

I also hung his little white blessing outfit from one of the hooks.

Special softies (gifts from friends and loved ones) are perched on top of the shelf, along with a cute canvas print of a little blond boy playing with blocks.

On top of the changer I can also keep wet wipes and a basket of socks and Baby Legs handy.

Just a short little post this time, but a fulfilling one (for me at least)! :)


eve said...

so fun to see your cute little baby boy! congrats, btw.
what a fun/cute little corner for him. and it was cool to see the diaper holder, i'm only sorry that it doesn't match your other stuff better!
love the changing table, even without the stripes going all the way down!

Carol said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! You posted about a crib rail guard in 2010. Do you make them to order? I ask because I have seen them with ties, but not with buttons.

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