Monday, July 9, 2012

Something a little different

Now, I realize that you dear readers of mine usually come here looking for furniture redos, some thrifty treasures or maybe the occasional craft project that I share.  But today I don't have any of those things for you.  Life in a temporary 2 bedroom apartment with all of my stuff in storage isn't exactly the most inspiring or craft-conducive environment. 

Sooo... I thought I'd put together a post that's a little, um, different this time.

Do you like knowing what beauty products other girls are using?  I do!  I'd much rather try out a product based on the referral of someone I admire rather than just randomly picking something up off a store shelf, or relying on advertisements to give me suggestions. 

Today I'm giving you a peek inside my makeup bag, er, basket.  These are the items I use on a daily basis.  I don't use expensive products, so most of these things can be found at Wal-Mart or Target.

Okay, now for a closer look. (And sorry for the lousy photos.  Taking pictures in the bathroom wasn't a bright idea.)

1. Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller
2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Fair
3. Bare Escentuals Max Coverage Concealer brush
4. natural bristle blush brush (
5. Bare Escentuals Flawless Face brush ~ this is what I use to apply my loose powder
6. clean old mascara wand ~ I use this to brush my eyebrows into shape before filling them in with #7
7. Cover Girl pencil in Henna
8. L'Oreal Voluminous Original mascara in Black
After reading this article on with make-up tips for redheads, I converted to black mascara & eyeliner instead of espresso.  Still not convinced I can pull off a red lip, though...
9. e.l.f. shadow brush ~ Oops!  Not in this photo for some reason!  Oh well. I love these $1 items that Target carries!
10. Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus Eye Pencil in Black Onyx ~ My hand isn't steady enough for liquid liner, so I've used this stuff for ages.

11. Cover Girl bronzer ~ This is a new product for me.  I used the same pot of Nicole Miller bronzer for YEARS until it finally ran out last month. 
12. Love & Beauty blush by Forever 21
13. (below)
14. Bare Escentuals Baby Buki brush ~ I use this brush to apply bronzer
15. Sephora Kabuki brush ~ I started using Bare Escentuals about 6 1/2 years ago and am still using 2 of the 3 brushes that came with my starter set.  I did end up replacing the large Kabuki brush with this one because it got the most use applying my foundation and wore out the quickest.

13. L.A. Colors eyeshadow set in Trendy (shown) & Traditional (not shown) ~ I use this eyeshadow all the time and it came from -get this- the DOLLAR TREE.  For reals.  Love it.  The quality is better than you'd expect from dollar store makeup, and the colors are lovely, natural and earthy with a hint of shimmer.

21. e.l.f. eyeshadow set ~ You can buy the empty mirror compact and little magnetized eyeshadow pots separately at Target.  The colors I have from left clockwise are "moondust" (my FAVORITE), "ivory", "aubergine" and "wheat".  The sponge applicator it comes with is crap, so grab a #9 to apply these shadows instead.
My eyeshadow routine is simple.  Solid color all over the lid and above the crease then ivory on my brow bone and inner corner.
I'm wearing "moondust" in the photo above.  It's the perfect shade of shimmery taupe and is just a really versatile color.

16. Cover Girl Trublend Minerals loose powder in Translucent Fair ~ I use this in place of Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, mainly because it's far less expensive, though Mineral Veil is fabulous.
17. Nicole Miller eyeshadow duo (not in photo above)
18. Bare Minerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation in Fairly Light ~ ♥
19. Q-tips - need I elaborate?
20. Visine drops -  you'd be surprised how weary even a little eye redness can make you look.  Get rid of it!
21. Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers (not pictured)~ I accidentally washed the stick that usually lives in my makeup basket, but remember my Favorite Things post from a while back?  I definitely can't do without this stuff.

And there you have it!  So, what are your tried and true makeup products? 

I'm still hunting for something to deflate my under-eye puffiness.  And please don't say 'a good night's sleep'.  I have an infant, remember?  I need to cheat!  :)