Monday, January 28, 2013

Before and After: A Roadside Rescue (Antique Dresser)

It's been a little while since I've been able to share a good "Before and After" with you guys.  And let me tell you, this is a good one!  I had such a good time working on it and am super excited to share it!
Back in the fall, I was driving my son to school one day and got a little turned around.  We were new in town and I wasn't sure of the best way to go to get to the school.  As I was winding my way through a neighborhood, I spied a pile of furniture next to the curb.
Of course I had to slow down to get a look at what was being tossed out, and my heart practically leaped out of my chest when I spotted this beauty among the cast offs.

I quickly took my son to school and hurried back to get a closer look.  Upon closer inspection I found that both front legs were broken, pieces of trim were missing from the bottom drawer, the piece that extends between the front legs was broken (but had been somewhat repaired), and while it had a mirror stand, the mirror was missing.  Generally, it was in pretty sad shape.

In spite of all its flaws and needed repairs, I could not believe my luck!  I couldn't fit the whole thing into the back of my car all at once, so I decided to bring the drawers home first then go back and get the rest, all the while practically hyperventilating with excitement and anxiety that somebody would snag it while I was gone.  Luckily it was only a few blocks from my house.
Once safely in my garage, there it sat for a few months.  Finally, sick of the precious space it was hogging, my husband encouraged me to tackle it.
I repaired the things that needed it, then got to work on the fun stuff!
I started by sanding down the top and restaining it a nice medium tone.
The body and drawers got painted with a custom mixed bluish grey and I highlighted some of the details with crisp white.

A light distressing brought out its lovely details even more.

While I couldn't replace the missing trim pieces on the bottom drawer, I decided that filling in those gaps with white paint would help camouflage them a bit.  Unless you look closely, you don't really notice that it's just paint there.
Decorating the top was a fun little adventure, too!  I love shopping the house to see how I can pull things together.

I'm still trying to decide if it's really "done" at this point.  The top needs to be sealed somehow, and I'd intended to use a dark brown glaze on it but haven't brought myself to apply it.  I really like it the way it is, but I also like the effect that glaze has on a piece.  It gives it more depth.

What do you think?  Glaze or no glaze?

Maybe I'll live with it for a while and see if the fancy strikes to glaze it later.  Meanwhile, I LOVE my rescued antique dresser!


Beverly Ritch said...

I would die to find an old antique dresser like that too! I love what you have done with it. Very pretty. And the toppings you have on it really fit. I think a glaze would make it even better.

I would love to have sompany on my blog. YOu will at least get a laugh when you see what I am doing vs what I want to do LOL

Beverly Ritch said...

oops that is
Sorry about that!

Unknown said...

I really love what you have done with it,it truely needed your magic.... I was expecting you to use some sort of putty to fill in the missing trim. Would that have just fallen off? I really like the natural top that you left if it were shiny that would be beautiful too. Not sure what the other thing you are wanting to do but I bet anything you will choose to do will be amazing!

Joanna said...

Love it!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colors and personality of it.... I WANT ONE!!!!!

Palmer family said...

I love it too! Job well done, Sarah. Keep up the great work!

DeAnn said...

Happened on from PINTEREST a pic of a red spindle chair (s yet unseen here...) captured my interest. I'm working on a rather intricate side table and was looking around for striping techniques. Sweet serendipity to wander upon a kindred spirit!
I'll check back in on your site when I have some time to eww and ahhh!

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