Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pyper's Dresser- Day 2

The transformation continues.

Last night I dug out this book from Better Homes and Gardens that I've had for a while and realized why I'm so bent on painting this dresser.

Isn't that just so sweet? I even had the pages marked where it shows bits of this pretty vintage-inspired little girl's room. I'm sure this is where I got a lot of inspiration when I was decorating Pyper's room at our previous house.

I'm aiming for a very similar look with this dresser I'm working on. I don't know that the color will be quite the same, as I'm hoping for something a little more blue. But I like the white top that will tie it together with her other white furniture. And can you believe that this one even has wheels, too?? Alas, no glass knobs for my dresser. I would have loved to put some on, but Hubby hates them with a passion (his words) for some unknown reason and, heaven help me, I value his opinion. Keeping the original hardware doesn't break my heart, though. It's still really pretty.

So here we go. On to priming and painting!!

The trouble with spray paint is the lack of accuracy and control. I hate overspray, so to minimize it I made a little apron out of craft paper and taped it around the bottom portion of the drawers.

Worked pretty well, I think. I only made one and just moved it from drawer to drawer as I went along.

I made sure to tape off those cute little wheels as well.

Placing my blue tape a hair away from the front edges, I also masked the inside edges to protect them. This isn't really necessary, but I didn't like the idea of having paint end up where I didn't really intend to paint.

One can of primer later and I've got all the drawer faces and the entire chest ready for my Marina Isle.
I actually did get one coat of paint on the chest, but then clouds rolled in and I didn't want to take a photo under my crappy garage lighting. Hopefully I'll be able to go back out this evening for coat #2 and then post the big reveal tomorrow.

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