Tuesday, October 13, 2009

little chairs

I discovered something about myself last night- I have a love of tiny chairs. After coming home from a trip to the thrift store with 5 newly acquired miniature chairs, I started noticing that there are little chairs everywhere in my house.

I bought this sweet little rocker for my daughter when she was about two years old.

These two school chairs are easy for my kids to bring into the living room to watch TV, or they stay in the corner of the dining room and look cute. One came from a local thrift store and cost me a whole $3, while the other was rescued from the trash at my sister's college dorm.

This mattress stripe upholstered one sits at the end of my daughter's bed. It needs to be cleaned, but I just love it.

And here are my new little chairs. They were scattered on the shelves among the other wooden items, but I'm sure they came from the same place.

Each one is made of twigs and tiny nails and staples. They're all a little different in style and size, but I love how they go together.

(By the way, I'm hating my camera right now. Sorry for the grainy photos- I'm not sure why it's like that.)
I decided to hang them on a wall in my kitchen/dining room.
Sweet little chairs. I don't think I'll ever get enough.

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abbiegrace said...

I love tiny chairs, too!
We have a special tiny rocking chair in our family that all the grandchildren have rocked in.