Monday, January 23, 2012

Before and After: Chevron Desk/Vanity and Vintage High Chair

What would you call this? A desk or a vanity? I don't know. One day while I was thrifting it caught my eye. However, the price tag turned me off so I walked away without it. I kept thinking about it and because I knew the store regularly puts its furniture on sale (one random day a week), I swung by daily until it was on sale for 40% off- THEN it came home with me! Luckily nobody else grabbed it in the meantime.

The veneer on top had some cracked and bubbling areas, so before I did anything else I cut those sections out with an exacto knife, filled them in with wood filler then sanded it smooth.

It's been kinda cold here lately so I haven't been spray painting but have had to hand paint in my garage. Lucky for me I've stumbled across a lot of good mistints of Behr's Paint-and-Primer In One at Home Depot, which cuts down a lot on the time it takes to hand paint a piece of furniture.

It took THREE COATS to cover this silly desk in white. I had lots of fun painting the drawers with some cool stripes and chevron pattern.

You can see in this photo that I also painted the side panels with stripes.

I roughed up the whole thing a little with some sandpaper and kept the hardware as-is. The insides of the drawers also got a facelift with some pretty contact paper on the bottoms (they were gross). I'm still on the hunt for a cute little chair that I can pair with this, but we'll see if maybe it sells without one first.

I couldn't resist this simple wooden high chair. It reminded me of the one I bought for my son a couple of years ago. It was in pretty good shape, but needed a little love.

One of the mistints I picked up recently was this perfect shade of red. It's not too bright and it's not too dark. I LOVE it.

Now THAT'S a cute high chair! :)


Nicole said...

So cool! I would never think to paint a desk like that...

Cyndi ✪ Blue Star said...

Cute desk! I've got to add that to my to-do list! I'm a new blogger and now a follower!

Mantha said...

OMG i love that high chair, you done a great job.
Have a great day :)
Mantha xx

Krista said...

I love the highchair! It takes me back...

You did a great job refinishing both of them.

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