Saturday, January 7, 2012

Before and After: Ladderback Chair and Twin Bed

Sorry things have been so quiet around here lately. I'm counting down to Delivery Day with baby #4, and these last few weeks seem to be going really slowly. As my belly gets bigger working on furniture becomes more and more difficult, and with the holidays in there I had plenty of other things to keep me busy.

But enough of the excuses. I'm determined to work on furniture for as long as I possibly can, and I've managed to get a couple of little things done lately that I wanted to share with you.

I love a cute ladderback chair, don't you? This one had a rush seat that was in good shape but kind of worn, so I left it alone and just painted the wood.

I primed it, then painted it with a nice flat blue mistint paint that distressed really well.

I think the roughed up paint and the worn woven seat now somehow work together to make this chair pretty sweet.

This vintage twin bed was a total steal at a yard sale this summer. I hated to paint over that pretty birdseye maple, but it wasn't in great shape and I didn't have it in me to refinish it.

Besides, the real eye catcher of this piece is that heavily carved headboard, which paint could only enhance.

All it needed was a fresh coat of ivory paint-and-primer (also a mistint that I picked up) and some brown glaze to bring out the details.

This project was perfect for glazing. Just look at how that carving stands out now!
I just brought both pieces to my space at Unique Boutiques (which admittedly has been looking rather bare since I've slowed my pace) and hope to have another couple of things to bring in this week as well.

If you're local be sure and go check it out! We're at 180 Leveland in Modesto, at the corner of Floyd & McHenry behind the Chase Bank.


Hayley @ On A Country Road said...

Looks amazing, especially love chair!

eve said...

oh my gosh, i didn't realize you were pregnant! boy or girl? congratulations!
and, i LOVE the bed, so much.

Mantha said...

Ooh congratulations on the pregnancy, don't work too hard. The chair and bed stead would be coming home with me if i didn't live on the otherside of the world !!
Have a great day:)
Mantha xx

Cathy Mini said...

Beautiful! And congratulations on the baby!


Cyndi ✪ Blue Star said...

Love the bed! Amazing! You never cease to inspire me! I've just started my own blog. I hope to inspire others as well!

Kara said...

Great job on the chair and the bed! I just stumbled across your blog and realized that we live in the same area! Funny!

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