Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween this year

My goodness, I've been gone for a while! I took a break from furniture and decor for a few weeks and spent my time working on Halloween costumes and other projects. Then last week my husband and I took a trip to Hawaii for some much needed R & R. I should have posted these before we left, but we left the morning after we celebrated Halloween so there just wasn't a whole heckuva lot of time, ya know?

Anyway, just thought I'd share my family's Halloween costumes for this year.

My seven-year-old decided months ago that she wanted to be Michael Jackson for Halloween.
Here's our inspiration photo:

Not bad, huh? The shoes, jacket and pants were thrift store finds, with the jacket and pants getting some alterations. The hat and wig were store-bought (also with some alterations) and the glittery glove, arm band and socks were hand made.

The 4-year-old took longer to decide on his costume, but eventually we coaxed him into being a Jedi by purchasing a brand new light-up light saber. Apparently there's no such thing as a child-sized Jedi costume pattern, or even anything similar, so I just winged it using this photo as a reference.

I have to say, I'm pretty proud of this one. I had no patterns, just a measuring tape and pins to figure out how to make it all work. I wish you could see the tunic and sash better. They were made from an old sheet and the "boots" were made out of some left over leather I had from my shoe-making days. The leather belt was a Bargain Center find and the hood took a yard or so of flannel.

This sweet ewok hasn't gotten to wear a new costume yet, but how can I not reuse the ones that I've worked so hard on in the past?

This was just a bear costume made from a pattern, then the hood got made up using a photo like this one in hopes that it'd end up being recognizable.

Just for fun, here's the 4-year-old wearing it for the first time at 18 months, about the same age his baby brother is now.

I decided at the last minute to dress up after I saw this photo in Martha Stewart Magazine's Halloween edition.

Then I found this make-up idea online and just put the two together.

Afterwards I felt a little bad that I looked so creepy. The really little kids didn't want to come very close, even if I did have candy!
Maybe next year I should be Mary Poppins or something like that instead.

Hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!