Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cute just doesn't quite cover it.

Nothing new from me today, but I HAD to link to this post by Corinne that I just saw on her blog, so September.

Can you believe the insane amount of cuteness that's oozing from this set of hoops??!

Look at the little chains connecting the three. I. COULD. DIE.

Seriously, I just cannot get over the utter adorableness. LOVE!

You'll find the free pattern for this darling fellow on her blog.

I embroidered him a while back but haven't tried adding the patchwork to the sides yet. In my opinion, it just brings the sweetness level way, way up!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tooth pillow

My six-year-old has a dentist appointment today that we'd both hoped wouldn't be necessary. But she's got two reluctant baby teeth that just won't vacate the premises for the impatient adult teeth that have already come through.

So after more than two months of wiggling, jiggling, pushing and pulling with no success, the dentist has recommended extraction. *sigh*

She's VERY nervous and just the thought of this visit brings her to tears. So last night I tried to come up with a little gift that I could give her to help to ease her anxiety a little.

I've seen these all over Blog Land and just had to make one myself. It's a safe little place to put those precious baby teeth in anticipation of a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Complete with a heart-shaped pocket for the safe keeping of teeth & money.

Hopefully this will increase the excitement level while decreasing the panic and dread. HOPEFULLY.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fabric scalloped bunting

Bye, baby bunting,
Daddy's gone a-hunting,
for to get a rabbit skin,
to wrap the baby bunting in.

My Mom used to sing us that song as children. Now I sing it to my kids. And every time I hear the word "bunting", that's what comes to mind.

I loved the idea of some kind of banner to string up in the corner around Finnley's crib. It needed something, and I figured this would be just the thing to fill up those walls.

I started by carefully selecting the scraps of fabric I wanted to use, then cutting each one into a sort of "U" shape and stitching them to a plain cream linen backing. You could easily make this a reversible bunting by choosing fabrics in a different color scheme for the other side. 2 in 1!!

Pinking the rounded edge made the curve nice and smooth once the pieces were turned right side out.

I couldn't resist doing a little embroidery on a couple of them.

Then each got sandwiched between some extra wide bias tape and stitched in place.

I'm in love with this bunting.

I found this sweet little canvas at TJ Maxx on clearance for $7. Isn't it darling??

The embroidered pieces repeat the sentiment I stitched onto the crib skirt.

It was amazing how quickly this project came together. MUCH easier than I expected. But I think what I really dig is how inexpensive this was. Practically free! All of the fabric came from what I had on hand, so the only thing I bought was the bias binding-- and even that didn't have to be bought, but I was just feeling too daggum lazy to make some. :)

Just for fun I added labels to this last picture indicating what other projects my scraps of fabric have been used for (click to enlarge). This banner has little bits of memories sewn into it, which makes me love it even more.

*EDIT: At the wise suggestion of my aunt, I re-hung the bunting higher to be sure that it would be out of Finnley's reach. If you make one of these, be sure to hang it so that your little one can't pull it down and become entangled.