Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tooth pillow

My six-year-old has a dentist appointment today that we'd both hoped wouldn't be necessary. But she's got two reluctant baby teeth that just won't vacate the premises for the impatient adult teeth that have already come through.

So after more than two months of wiggling, jiggling, pushing and pulling with no success, the dentist has recommended extraction. *sigh*

She's VERY nervous and just the thought of this visit brings her to tears. So last night I tried to come up with a little gift that I could give her to help to ease her anxiety a little.

I've seen these all over Blog Land and just had to make one myself. It's a safe little place to put those precious baby teeth in anticipation of a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

Complete with a heart-shaped pocket for the safe keeping of teeth & money.

Hopefully this will increase the excitement level while decreasing the panic and dread. HOPEFULLY.

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