Thursday, June 30, 2011

Before and After: Entry Table and Corner Cabinet

I guess technically you can't call this first one a real "before and after" since I couldn't scrounge up an actual "before" photo, but it should be pretty easy to imagine. This little corner cabinet lived in my daughter's room until we moved to California, at which point there just weren't any corners for it to go in. I had painted it white and it looked lovely with her other white furniture, but after seeing it sit in the garage for a few months I decided it was time to find it a new home. But first it needed a little... something.

I pulled out a can of pretty blue and painted the back panels and insides of the doors.

Now it's a little more interesting, don't you think?

We hadn't used the doors while it was in my daughter's room and at some point along the way the hinges and knobs were lost. Easy- just buy new hinges and re-hang the doors, right? WRONG! What a BEAR those doors turned out to be! Luckily my in-laws paid us an unexpected but perfectly timed visit last week so my father-in-law spent a couple of hours helping me get those blasted doors back on. We even had to trim them down with a saw to get them to work! In the end, though, they yielded and with their cute ceramic knobs they are back where they belong.

This next project was one that took quite a lot of work but I think was worth it in the end. I spotted this table on Craigslist and pounced on it right away. Turns out it was being sold by the very same fella who sold me the antique writing desk that I used to make my island!
This poor table had the worst paint job, complete with sloppy sprayed-on gold accents. But if there's one thing I'm good at, it's seeing potential.

The base got painted creamy white then glazed with brown, and the top was stripped, sanded and stained walnut.

Just look at those legs...

I would have loved to keep this beauty, but there's just so much furniture my house will hold.

Finally, here's one more little project- another bench!

This time I painted it bright green and distressed it plenty.
So, do you have big plans for the long holiday weekend? We've been invited to a pool party with my sister-in-law's family, and since the weather is supposed to climb back up into the hundreds over the next few days, I think that would be the perfect way to celebrate our country's independence!

Happy Independence Day!


Shelly said...

I WANT that table...why do you live so far away?!? We miss you!

JS Grame-Smith said...

I love white color in furniture and wall paint.This is looking really antique. Love them.
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