Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Stools and a Before and After

Is it as hot where you are as it is here? We've been breaking 100 degrees regularly for the past couple of weeks. Bleh. I don't handle heat very well. And guess what else? Our A/C isn't working. It's making me one grouchy mama these days. It's also made it more difficult for me to get any projects done because I don't want to be outside in this face-melting weather! Still, I've accomplished a couple of things lately.

I couldn't resist trying again to make some stools, but this time I went a lot smaller.

I found a can of this pretty blue Oops paint at a local hardware store and love it already.

Something a little patriotic seemed appropriate for the other one.

These stools turned out basically how I'd planned, though I definitely learned a few lessons in the process so the next ones will be even better!

Just a little more patriotism to share with some wooden flag plaques.

I made 3 of these and took them all to the shop yesterday. Why didn't I think to keep one for me??

Finally, here's one last project that I finished up last week. The rocker on the left started off fine, just a little plain and worn.

Now it's sporting a new coat of red paint and a fun flowery seat cushion.

I think my favorite part is the aqua ribbons that tie the cushion to the chair.

Looks right at home on my front porch, huh? Well, it only stayed there long enough to take these photos. It's now at the shop too!

I've got a few more projects in various stages of completion that I'll be sharing soon. Check back soon! Now I'm off to go hunt down a kiddie pool!

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