Thursday, March 3, 2011

More thrifty goodness

Now that we've moved into a house I spend most of my time moving and unloading boxes, pushing around mountains of mess and TRYING to find a place for everything. Moving into a house significantly smaller than the one you left behind causes some anxiety when you go to put things away, lemme tell ya.

Anyway, I've made a little progress on that desk I showed you last time, but there's still quite a bit to do before it's ready for its big reveal. Meanwhile, I scored some fun stuff at the thrift stores today so I'm doing another little show-and-tell.

I've been collecting pretty botanical prints so that one day I can hang them as a group. The frame of this one is shot, but that's okay.

It's the print that I love.

Funny story about this flag- last time I was at the thrift store I spotted this stained old flag in the same spot as the bag of children's books I ended up buying. The flag was stapled to a pole which was broken and it had no price tag. Hoping to get it for a good deal I asked the cashier about it and she said it would have to go back to be re-priced and would be available for sale the next day. :( I passed because I knew I wouldn't be back for a while. So here I am a few weeks later and here's that same flag, removed from its broken pole, in exactly the same spot. The price was probably higher than it should've been, but I liked it enough to buy it anyway. It has a sort of tea-stained look to it that I really like. Oh, and the big bolt of string is just cute.

In the bin with the flag were bags of embroidered goodies. I picked one that ended up containing a handkerchief (I collect old hankies), a round doily-type thing, and a couple of dresser scarves. The shoes are spankin' new American Eagle brand from the Goodwill for $5. (Have I told you already that Goodwill stores get Target's clearance cast-offs? I have? Okay, just checking.)

I just love embroidery.

It makes me happy.

This quilt top had been marked down so I snatched it up. Cute, right? It's in pretty good shape but not perfect, but I think it'll make a nice picnic blanket once it's finished.

The fabrics are vintage and just too stinkin' cute.

This one's my favorite. Birds!

And last but not least is this crewel embroidered pillow. LOVE!

Perfect for my rocker, or pretty much anywhere in my house.

Not bad for a morning of thrifting!

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