Thursday, May 26, 2011

Before and After: Two Chairs and a Mirror

It's no secret that I'm a chair girl. I really, really like chairs. So if you're sick of seeing chair makeovers, this post might not be very entertaining for you. But personally, I can't get enough of ugly duckling chairs and transforming them into swans.

This first one was a thrift store find and was in really sad condition. But it was sturdy and only cost a couple of bucks, so it was a perfect candidate for a re-do.

I wanted to pair this chair with a desk that's in my space at the shop, so it got sprayed with some Heirloom White and the seat was given new batting and a pretty, neutral fabric.

A little distressing brings out the little details on the legs and back.

This looks like a swan now, doesn't it?

I was so excited to find this chair because I knew instantly what I was going to do to it.

Turquoise paint + brown glaze + most awesome floral fabric = Very cool new chair!!

Those legs make me drool.

It's been a while, but I once showed you an image of this fabric in a post about another nasty chair that I had hoped to transform the way I did this chair. I stumbled upon a yard of this lovely print at my local Joann when we moved to California and I've been waiting for just the right chair to come along to use it on.

This was definitely the perfect chair.

Finally, I found this gawdy ornate mirror at Goodwill in all its golden glory. It was in perfect condition, though, so all it needed was a little paint and glaze.

I used the same turquoise paint as I did on the chair...

...and the same brown glaze to tone down the blue and bring out the detail.

Way better, right?
Tomorrow we're off to spend the long weekend with my parents and siblings in Southern Utah. We really need a break so I'm truly looking forward to our trip. Enjoy your holiday weekend! I'll be back with some more transformations soon!


Unknown said...

Sarah, you're so beautifully talented!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so beautiful..My favorite is the white chair..Have a great Memorial Day weekend..

Michelle said...

Sarah your blog is amazing. Part of me wants to see your house some day but I think I'd be too intimidated.

Serena said...

Oh wow! You did a great job with those chairs. Wanna come over and do mine??