Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Some thrift store treasures

Hello friends!  Miss me? 
I'm still here, buried up to my eyeballs in boxes and packing paper.  Seriously, why do they have to use SO MUCH PAPER??!  I've been unpacking for the past two weeks and I feel like I haven't even made a dent. 
Still, it has to end sometime.  So I'll just keep plugging away until eventually we have a house that's free of boxes and resembles a place worth living in. (Plus I'd really like to figure out where they packed my iron.) And maybe one day I'll get to do some fun projects again!
Meanwhile, I thought I'd share some more thrift store treasures that I've acquired over the past few weeks. 
I picked up this huge lamp today for a whopping 3 bucks.  THREE.  It's not ugly, but I'm changing it.  Scratch that.  I HAVE changed it.  :)  I'll have a "before and after" post on that soon.
 This sweet old school desk set me back $7 at the local ReUse Center (which is a lot like Habitat for Humanity's ReStore).  Cute, isn't it?
I'm not much of a milk glass collector, but I do have a couple of pieces.  This bottle is so beautifully ornate and heavy that I had to grab it.
Does it bother me that the bottom of it actually says "LIQUOR BOTTLE" on it?  Not a bit.

Check out this gigantic rolling pin!  It might just stay right there on top of my stove.  I joked with my kids when I bought it that it would be my new discipline tool!  Wa-BAM!!
 These two white canisters sit on my counter and hold my Slim Fast/protein powder mix and my secret chocolate stash.  (Not even joking about that.)
I found this smoky glass lidded bowl and the silver ceramic vase at the same time.  I almost didn't get the bowl because at first it looked purple.  But then sometimes it looks grey, and that's why I bought it.  I like things that change depending where they're placed and the kind of light they're in.
I noticed later that it has "Wedgwood" printed on the bottom.  Does that mean something?
 Two more hand mirrors for my collection!  Yessss!
This bright silver footed bowl has such a pretty shape.
And look at the cool swirly brushed pattern on the inside!
This pair of candlesticks look silver but they're actually glass with a silver coating inside and remind me of mercury glass.

I like these two little chintzy lamps.  The bases are plastic and the "crystal" is acrylic, but I think they're cute.

I didn't want to overload you, so I saved the rest of my treasures for another post.  Check back soon, okay?


Emma said...

Nice things you have found!
The silver candlesticks are from Ikea =) My working place here in Sweden!
Have a nice day!

sunnysnows said...

Wedgwood is a pretty famous English brand, I think.

Good luck settling in! :)

Anonymous said...

That white bottle is actually an old Jim Beam liquor bottle I have some that look similar

Shelley said...

The white bottle is actually a "bonded beam" bottle, its a Jim Beam Liquor bottle and is worth more than what you paid for it!! I collect them, see the numbers on the bottom? I cannot make out the whole number, its a 6? well that is the year it was bottled!! They are very collectable! Is there any other colors in it? If not, its a solid white and those are hard to find! Some of mine are called Slag Glass because it have various colors in it! All of mine have cork stoppers on the top with matching colors as the bottle! Sometimes they come with labels around the top! Good find!! If those bottles are in excellent condition even without the whiskey label around the top, you could get about $35 each and higher, depends on the buyer!! They come in all kinds of colors, I have over 50!! I love all of your cool "finds"!!

Dayseye said...

Just came across your blog. Great finds and I love how instantly gratifying a fresh coat of paint can be! Looking forward to stalking your blog

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