Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween witch lawn ornament from Martha!

I couldn't help myself.  I had to make a new Halloween decoration this year.  If you'd like to check out some of my past Halloween projects and decorations, click on the Halloween label to the right!
I've had my eye on this larger-than-life witch lawn ornament from Martha for a few years, and this was the year that I finally made her!
Martha gives great instructions, but I'll quickly walk you through what I did.
I started with an 4'x8' sheet of chipboard then free-handed the witch design on one sign with a Sharpie marker.  (You can print out the template from the link above if you want, then tape it to your board and just cut through the paper.  BUT it's 35 pages long and I just don't have that kind of printer ink!) 
Carefully cut out your design with a jig saw.

 Next I rolled on a couple of coats of black paint.  I used interior latex because that's what I had on hand, but if I had the option I'd buy exterior, just to make sure she lasts as long as possible.
 Because the chipboard was super textured I had to go back with a cruddy old paint brush to force the paint into the crevices.  Be sure you also paint around the edges really well!

You're also going to need to buy a 6' length of galvanized pipe, 3 straps that will fit over your pipe, 6 short screws to attach the straps to the witch, a screw hook, an old lantern and an old broom.

Using a small sledge hammer, bang your pipe into the ground at least a foot, or until it's sturdy enough to hold up your witch.  Strap the witch to the pipe...
 ...and an old broom to the back of her front hand...
 ...then screw your hook into her back hand.
 I bought an inexpensive outdoor ground light fixture, a flood light bulb and a reeeeeally long outdoor extension cord. If you can get your hands on an automatic timer that you can plug this into as well, that would be great. I wrapped the plugs in a plastic bag and duct tape, just to make sure they don't get wet.
I think her lantern is too small and the broom looks stupid, but that's okay.  Maybe I'll upgrade her next year.
 You can set up your ground light behind her for a back lit effect, but I found that lighting her from the front was pretty dramatic!

Oh, I'm so glad I finally made this!  I've gotten so many comments on her!

Go ahead, bust out your jig saw.  This is a Halloween decoration your neighborhood will be sure to notice!  ;)