Thursday, July 3, 2008

thrift store goodness

Today was a long and frustrating one with the kids, so practically the minute Hubby walked through the door I said, "I need to run away for a while," and I did just that. I've been wanting to check out a particular thrift store nearby that I hadn't been to yet. After getting a little lost I found it and spent a blissful hour or so strolling up and down aisles, trying on shoes and clothes and filling my cart with treasure. I love thrifting. Shopping is fun, but thrifting is heaven. One of the most exciting discoveries I made was a pile of old 1980's McCall's Needlework & Crafts magazines. Let me first say that I am not a fan of the 80's and am mystified by this resurgence of 80's style that has been happening lately. Quite frankly, I can't wait until it passes. But these books were intriguing. They were full of cute projects and fun ideas, with this vintage feel that I just couldn't resist. There was a whole pile, but because my cart already had so many other purchases waiting, I could only grab a few. Here's what I found just flipping through 3 of the 5 (before my camera batteries died):

Whoops, I lied. One of them is a Better Homes and Gardens Needlecraft Ideas magazine.

Something about this coat made me take a picture... not sure what... looks cozy, though.

These little creatures are too cute. That snake cracks me up!

I'm in love with these sweaters. I would totally wear them. Doesn't that chick on the right look like Julianne Moore??

And of course, irresistable baby shoes. One of these days I'll sit down and try out the pattern for these fabric cuties.

I adore crewel embroidery. Never actually tried it, but it's design is so very appealing to me. The style of the flowers that are often used is something I've unconciously become addicted to. They're on my rugs, my pillows, dishes, and artwork.

That little turtle is sooo cute! I love the look of the edging on these baby items, though I'd probably take a shortcut and just use jumbo ric-rac to get a similar effect. See, I'm lazy. But this is not news.

Everything about this little girl's room makes me sigh; the whitewashed shutters with their stripey curtains, the heirloom coverlet and matching pillowcase, the sweet little chair in the corner with cute little friends waiting...

I feel a little bad because a lot of what is in these magazines is projects and patterns for knitting and crocheting, which I don't do. I feel they're kind of wasted on me. But I do appreciate the shot of inspiration they've given me, and maybe if I'm lucky a few of the remaining magazines will still be at that thrift store next time I pay it a visit.

Just for fun, here's one more little find I came home with. I'm a sucker for vintage toys, and this little wooden car was no exception. It's now right at home in the kids' room.

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