Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear Anonymous

This comment was left on a previous post regarding one of my little side tables that I'm going to redo.

"What color is the "buttery yellow" you were thinking of painting the table? I was thinking of redoing my dining room table and chairs with a darker stain on top and a creamy/yellowy color for the legs and chairs. I thought it would brighten up the space. Any ideas?? "

So here's the table in question.

What's really weird is that I've been considering doing the exact same thing to this table that the anonymous commenter is thinking of doing to her dining set!

I've mentioned Miss Mustard Seed's blog before, and I just have to put a plug in for her again here. She's my new role model. She paints and refinishes antique furniture and her work is so inspiring. She has an impeccable eye for color and her hand painted detail makes me drool. Here's a link to her photo gallery.

The reason I wanted to bring her up again is because her work is what got me thinking of painting only the base of this table and restaining the top. She does that with a lot of her pieces and it just adds a little... something to them.

While at The Home Depot the other day I grabbed a can of Rust-Oleum's "warm yellow" paint with this project in mind.
It may not end up being quite the color I want, but I bought it anyway. I like the idea of a medium-dark stained wood top with a soft yellow base. This looks like it might be a little too bright. I may just have to visit the H.D. again and see if another yellow is closer to what I'm looking for. Or not. I'll keep you posted!


Jake & Lisa Danes said...

I went and looked at her pics on the blog that you linked to. Love it! I really might have you do this to the nightstands when you/I find them! I never would have thought of that.

Cavender Family said...

Maybe.sanding the yellow lightly and then lightly rubbing a stain over paint will give you the yellow are looking for. It would certainly tone down the brightness of the yellow you mentioned.

Carol Grzeschik said...

If you have a Michaels near by you may want to check their paint selection. I have found a few colors that Lowes and Home Depot do not use. Also consider spraying a light coat of a very light colored beige or even white. Or I know a lot of those companies that make the chalk paint have that stuff the put over it to get a tonal effect I think they call it a wax but you may be able to find a light cream or white that will help tone the yellow down. But honestly it is under the table and depending on lighting in the room it will be shadowed and probably be just fine.

Carol Grzeschik said...

I'm sorry one more comment I forgot to add. I will spray a base color under many of my projects to help coverage. I did one the other day on a maple table. I painted it red. I knew I needed it to be just like the can color but the wood would have lightened it up. So I sprayed an undercoat of dark brown first - it turned out exactly like I wanted. Also did a wonderful little metal picture frame with the black first and topped it with a wonderful teal color. I loved how it really helped that real to pop and make a statement.

Carol Grzeschik said...

If you sprayed with white first it would help lighten it