Friday, July 2, 2010

Yard sale junk

I've been able to hit some yard sales and thrift stores recently and wanted to share some of my junk- I mean treasures with you.

Found this little guy at the Bargain Center. And I do mean little. On the bottom it says that it was "Handmade by Virg 1988". Cool, huh?

This puppy cost me a buck at a neighbor's yard sale last weekend. Not sure what it's for, but it's cute! (Sorry about the distracting crap in the background.)

This has a hinged section so you can insert a tea light and hang it by the ring. I just love this star shape.

These kind of baskets seem to be everywhere. They remind me of what you'd use when you pick apples or strawberries. Remember the baby shower gift that I gave my friend? It was packaged in one of these.

Couldn't resist this BIG, chunky basket. It would be perfect for keeping spare blankets nearby in the living room or for catching stuff that needs to be taken upstairs.

This magazine holder is dying for a treatment like the rack in this post.

Somebody put a lot of work into stripping the white paint off of this blonde wood nightstand, staining two of the drawers and the trim around the bottom, then giving up on it. $5 score for me!

How could I resist this beautiful little vintage desk/chair combo? It's in SUCH great shape and only cost me $5!! My daughter has already claimed this as hers. :)

These old fruit boxes are weathered, rickety and super worn.


It's obvious that this chair was used outside. Hopefully I can sturdy it up and give it new life.

This chair had a mate, but I only bought one of them. I was kicking myself later because it was only $4, but it's pretty nasty and is going to take some work. I already have a vision for this and it's going to be fabulous!

I'll give you a peek at my inspiration:

I'm thinking this cute little table would look even cuter with some red paint and black glaze like I used on Rachel's table. What do you think?
Once again, my garage is filling with thrifted furniture and yard sale items that need refurbishing. That always gives me the motivation I need to get out there and get crackin'!!

So there will definitely be some "before and after" posts coming next week. Be sure to check back!

Oh and hey-



Karyn said...

Just found your blog through The Painted Hive. I love all your fabulous finds - - especially the fruit boxes! Just had a question about the cute high chair you redid with Danish oil. Where can I find the oil? Shoot me an e-mail if you get a chance. Thank you!

Palmer family said...

LOVE the chunky baskets and fruit boxes and also the small childs desk. Those 3 were my faves. OH, and the nightstand too. Too bad I just bought one off of Craigslist for lots more then yours....You got a good deal. Wish I had waited and could have bought that one off of you! Lots of good finds!!

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