Monday, September 20, 2010

Before and After: Ceramic Canisters and Side Table

This first little makeover isn't anything too exciting. I found this set of canisters at the Bargain Center and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were in really good shape.
No chips or stains or missing pieces- just grungy lids and unwashed insides.

I sprayed each lid with some pretty blue paint to match the color of the lettering, then sealed them with a flat clear coat. I scrubbed the knobs so they were nice and white again, and of course the canisters themselves got a good scrubbing, too. They look brand new, don't they?

This weird side table/lamp combo was also a Bargain Center find. I don't often find furniture there, so I was stoked to come upon this little... thing.

I considered leaving the lamp attached, but since it didn't work I just removed it. Looks like at one point it may have had some railings along the top like my little blue table once had.

This little guy wanted to be yellow. It told me.

The paint is "Strawflower" by RustOleum and is a soft, buttery yellow- the same color I used on the plant stand here. Unfortunately, I think it's coming across brighter in these photos than it actually is.

Cute little thing. I like the oval top. I hope it finds a good, cheerful home to brighten up.
More "before and afters" coming along soon!

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