Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Heart Etsy

I just need to express my love for Etsy and its artists. I only discovered it last February, and immediately fell in love. I've bought SO many things there since, but never once felt guilty about it because I knew I was supporting someone much like myself- someone trying to earn some income using their talents and ingenuity. Seriously, I could write pages about how great their website is, but let me just show you. Here are a few of my recent purchases from various artists who reside there:

These cute number stamps by WillsArt are perfect for the size tags that I make for my shoes. They came unmounted, but all I had to do was glue them to these wooden circles that I found at a craft store. They're awesome, aren't they??

This is a custom stamp made just for me by craftpudding. I just e-mailed in a drawing of what I wanted, along with my specifications for dimensions and voila! - my very own birdie stamp!!

Made from a little bowl in my favorite color, this pincushion by natalierensink was just what I needed to corral my various needles and odd little sewing bits. And, yes, that is a mountain of unfinished shoes waiting patiently behind it.

I couldn't resist this poster by BluLima. It gives me encouragement every time I look at it and is currently sitting on my desk behind my postage scale, just needing to be nailed to the wall.

These brass floral bookmarks from DownToTheWireDesigns came to my rescue when searching for an inexpensive yet personal Mother's Day gift. I got one for my Mom and one for my Mom-in-law. I made the tassels myself and etched a little message to my mother on the back of one.

These two pairs of sterling silver earrings were made by silverbeadsandclay and are some of my most often worn pieces of jewelry. I absolutely LOVE them! The tear-drop pair was actually somewhat of a custom request, which makes them even more special to me.

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craftysaro said...

looks awesome! i feel a bit sad that you took the old book apart though :( as an avid reader i mourn the loss of any book that has been taken apart :(