Monday, May 5, 2008

Try, try again...

Welcome to my shiny new blog! This will be a place where I can write about my passion for crafts, creativity, art and inspiration. I hope to include here glimpses into what I'm working on for my shop, peeks into my life as a mother and homemaker, as well as views of the work of other artists and crafters that I admire. This blog will also serve as something of a journal, so don't be surprised if you find musings here that have nothing to do with crafting. :)

Here's a look at something new that I've been trying. I found these canvas totes at a local craft store and just couldn't resist the urge to fancy them up a bit. They are so painfully plain, but are a good size and are very well made. For a long time now I have been totally smitten with embroidery and find myself drawn to anything that incorporates it. The sort of old fashioned, handmade quality it lends to an item really appeals to me.

birdie tote

hungry hedgie

silly owl

busy bee...with fabric pen still on :)

I'm not loving the bee design yet, but it's a start. I do love the idea of these bags being used by little kids as they carry books home from the library, or for bringing all of their favorite toys and treasures with them on a long car trip. Hopefully someone will find them useful.

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Jennifer said...

ha i like the hedgehog one! you're so clever, i jealous you! haha