Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting started

Just a quick post before bed. Last night I cut all the strips for Hakan's quilt while watching a rerun of Gilmore Girls, then today sewed them all up and even got the seams ironed. Here's a photo of the quilt before ironing. I ended up omitting the yellow/cream striped fabric and I think it was a good decision. It just seemed too muted compared to all the other fun colors in there. I'm still going to back it with the green polka dots, but ended up buying a yard of this one for the binding.

I told you I have a thing for polka dots! What's that you say? An obsession? Yeah, I guess that's a little more accurate. I couldn't resist getting a little more orange in there. Don't know when I'll get the chance to actually finish this thing, but I'm psyched about how it's turning out so far!

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