Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New quilt for Hakie's bed

Upon arriving back home from a short vacation yesterday, my husband discovered a FedEx package at the front door with my name on it. I was pleased to finally have the last of my quilting fabric in hand for my next project: a 45"x55" quilt for my 2 year-old son. I'd bought the fabric online from various websites, but after getting it all together decided to make a trip to the fabric store to get just a couple more blues & a yellow.

I found this fabric on Etsy and just couldn't resist buying a bit of it.

Then as I searched the internet some more I found that there was a whole line of coordinating fabrics that make up the "Wee Play" collection of American Jane fabrics for Moda. Every single one has this darling vintage feel and I finally made up my mind which ones I'd use. I tried to stear clear of anything too girly-looking, and here's what I ended up with:

Yes, there is one floral in there, but it's very blue so it's okay. The green/white polka dot on the far right is what I'll use for the backing (can you tell I LOVE polka dots??). And I think I'm going to buy this one to bind it...maybe.

I had to show you more than just a little of this one. The kids playing are just sooo cute!
4 of these don't belong to the "Wee Play" collection (the cream w/ printed words, light blue & white polka dots, blue gingham and the yellow/cream stripe), but I think they all look nice together. Originally I was going to do a simple block quilt, but then I found this adorable "strip quilt", as I call it, and decided to try to make my own version.

This quilt was made by Etsy seller nettiepete and is just so, so cool. I think it'll be easier than a block quilt (which has to be very easy anyway, since I'm a beginner), but I'm not sure how I'm going to come up with the perfect color/pattern/strip width combination to come up with 55" and use every pattern the right number of times. My other dilemma is how to use that very first inspiration fabric I showed you, since cutting it into strips would kind of ruin the block effect is has going on. Maybe I'll make a matching pillow case...?

Anyway, the reason I'm doing this is because the blankets my son has are all too small for his bed, and a twin-size blanket is just waaay too big. He sleeps in this darling little Jenny Lind style antique bed that was given to us by my Grandmother. My daughter slept in it for quite a while, but when Hakan outgrew his crib we had to shift them both up to bigger beds. So I decided I'd try to make him a blanket that's big enough for his bed, but small enough for him to carry around like he loves to do.

This week is going to be rather slow for shoe-making, so I'm excited to have a chance to get started on this new project! I'll post pictures when I get done.

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taylor said...

I LOVE the fabrics! I think it will be so beautiful! I have definitely caught the quilting bug. Now all I need to get is a sewing machine so I quit borrowing everone else's. :) Anyway, keep updating as you go...it's going to be really cute!