Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lots of show 'n tell

This past weekend before we took off on a quick jaunt back to Eastern Idaho, I got to go garage-saleing for the first time in like, forever. Recently I've been on the hunt for a cute table or console or little desk that I can put in my eat-in kitchen/dining room and use as a small computer area. Currently my computer occupies a good portion of my craft space, which is helpful when I need to jump on and send an e-mail or double check an order, but mostly I'm finding that it's a big, BIG distraction. At this very moment I feel that little twinge of guilt knowing that not five feet away are several pairs of shoes waiting patiently to be stitched... but I'm doing this instead. *sigh* So, my computer is getting banished to the downstairs in hopes that if it's further out of reach I won't be tempted to dawdle and piddle away my working hours online.

Aaaanyway, after hitting 4 local thrift stores and Craigslist and coming up empty-handed, I still wasn't willing to go retail just yet. Knowing that we're in the thick of garage and yard sale season, I geared myself up for a morning of neighborhood scouring. My own neighborhood offered 3 or 4 sales, but not much furniture. I drove through a couple of other neighborhoods but most people seemed to be selling things I wasn't in need of. On my way home I stopped at a house that seemed to have a lot of stuff, even if furniture wasn't among it. I'm sure glad I did because I found some fun things! By now you may have realized that I have a small obsession with embroidery, so when I started digging through a bin of linens and found several to my liking, I knew I'd hit the jackpot. Behold, my goodies!

This little pillow case has the cutest crocheted multi-colored flowers along its scalloped edge, and was in pretty good shape. A couple had come loose, but with needle and thread I re-attached them and now it's practically perfect!

I found 3 other pillow cases that will be great for my kids. The top one has a darling hand-embroidered rose pattern on the edge, and the other two will work great with my son's new quilt that I just made. Boy, these need some pressing!
This pretty white-on-white embroidered pillow case came brand new with a matching king-sized flat sheet. The lady selling them was sure the sheet was a tablecloth until we opened it up and found the pillowcases folded inside. It's made of a very heavy, crisp white cotton and is just lovely! I also scored a cream-colored flat sheet with some pretty edging, as well as another queen sized sheet and matching pillow cases with fancy embroidered edges. Can't wait to use them!

This little book is in really sad condition, mostly just filthy. It's copyrighted 1940 and I think it used to be a library book. Dirty or not, I couldn't pass it up, especially after choosing a fabric for Hakan's quilt from Michael Miller's Dick and Jane series.

The illustrations are so sweet.

Though my garage sale excursion didn't turn up any prospects for a potential desk, today I checked good 'ole Craigslist again and found this one. We're going to go take a look at it tomorrow, but I think it'll end up coming home with me. ;) The wood is a little lighter than I like, but I may be able to do something about that. It's small and should fit right where I want it, and I love how chunky and rustic it looks. Cute, right?

The very same day a package arrived in the mail containing the most recent addition to my hanky collection. I'd purchased a lot of 28 vintage hankies on eBay and was really thrilled with how many lovely ones I got! You know, when you buy in lots you don't often know exactly what you'll end up with, but these were all in really good condition and many had very intricate hand embroidery- my most favorite thing ever! Here's a peak at a *few of my favorites:

I love the colorful threads used on this one, with the happy little flowers and the bright blue crocheted edge.

The edge of this one fascinates me. How do you make those teeny tiny little circles without going cross-eyed?

Aren't these sweet? Tiny and simple, they just make me smile and sigh.

My kids really liked this one. That little joey in his mama's pouch is precious!

These sweet little blue and pink pineapples are ever so cute! I love the matching pink edges.

I'm not usually a fan of the printed hankies, but this silk one deserves a mention with its pretty floral and bird design and, though you can't tell from just a photo, it's as light as air. When I touch it it feels like... nothing!

I love the white-on-white design used for this one. So elegant and understated.
The lace corners on this give it such a feminine feel. Can't you just see some dainty lady pulling something like this from her sleeve to dab her eyes at a wedding?

Well, my hanky box is now overflowing. What am I ever going to do with all of these?? Keep collecting them, that's what!

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Delice said...

Oh, what a good shopping day! Love that old book!