Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clothes Line + Photos + Art = Wall Decor

Do you remember this photo from my headboard slipcover post?

It's from Pottery Barn and it was just the inspiration I needed to help me fill up the wall that our bed is on. That wall has been blank for over 2 years.

This afternoon I remedied that.

I started by drilling holes where I wanted my knobs to be (which in this case are actually curtain rod finials), then screwed them into the wall.

Then I just strung some grass rope (found at a thrift store) between the two and began attaching photos and illustrations using vintage clothes pins.

I found this ancient copy of "Wood's Natural History For Youth" on Ebay. This book was very fragile, which was perfect for this project. The front and back covers weren't attached anymore and the pages were practically coming apart on their own already.

But look at those beautiful illustrations.

I bought 6 of these old botanical prints on Etsy and will probably frame the other 3.

Wooden clothes pins like these are pretty easy to find at thrift stores and dollar stores, but I wanted vintage ones so I turned to Etsy.

Also included on my line are black and white photos of my husband and I and each of our children...

...as well as these photographs of mine and my husband's initials with a heart between them that I bought from Etsy seller Java Jane Designs.

I think it still needs something, though. Maybe some maps that are larger than what's already up there. It needs a little color, too. Not much, but a little.

Anyway, I like it. Much better than a blank wall. :)


Jake & Lisa Danes said...

Big like! It looks great. I am so torn right now between the things that I want done in the yard and downstairs and in my room. I just can't decide. One step at a time though!

Jake & Lisa Danes said...

Your blog isn't bringing up your latest blog post so I will post a comment here! I want your coffee table that you found!! Unless you were keeping it. But if you were going to make it over and resell it I am interested!!!! I have been looking for a coffee table forever!!! Let me know either way!~Lisa

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Rebekah Lindenmayer said...

Cute cute cute...I love pottery barn copies.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm new to your blog... I actually stumbled across it trying to locate botanical prints. I love it!! In fact I was looking for Tournefort prints... you said that you found them at Etsy... you said you got 6... I saw the 3 you put on the wall and the 2 others on another pic.... is there anyway you would take a picture of each one and send them to me... or even sell them! Please let me know!! amberandersonhunt@hotmail.com

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