Friday, April 23, 2010

Upcoming project pieces

Yesterday I did some serious thrift store shopping, then this morning the kids and I hit some yard sales. Here are my new makeover contestants:

This youth-sized rocker is just so cute. It's too small for an adult but bigger than a child-sized chair. I've never seen one quite like it.

I think it was the spindles on the back that really grabbed my attention. I love how they're staggered on that paddle-shaped seat.

I may save this one for closer to the holidays. Maybe. With some decoupaged paper on the sides, or some hand painted detail, this would be a pretty gift.

This table will be much cuter when those rails on top come off. I think they make it look a dated, and not in a good way.

Another holiday gift item probably.

Aaaand another. I'm thinking ahead! :)

This little foot stool may turn into this piano bench's twin.

I've always wanted an old weathered ladder, and today I found one for $3. The idea of leaning this against a wall in my living room and hanging quilts and cozy blankets from the rungs really appeals to me. But we'll see. I do have young children in my home who may not be able to resist climbing it.

I'm not sure what to call this. I guess it's a side table, with a TON of storage.

It's pretty fun to find furniture that has the manufacturer's stamp on it.

And a date! Not sure if that says "1963" or "1969", though.

Isn't this nightstand darling? It's wearing an unfortunate shade of brown right now, so I think just about any color to cover that up will be an improvement.

And then there's this sad, filthy outdoor bench. It needs a really good cleaning, sanding and painting, but I have high hopes that it will end up being cute again. But even if it doesn't, I won't have lost anything because I didn't spend a penny on it!
Yep, it was free.
As I was making my way out of a neighborhood after an unsucessful stop at a yard sale, I spied some big piles of trash sitting on the curb. This heavy blue thing was sitting between a TV and a broken baby toy. I knocked on the door to the house it was closest to, asked if it was theirs and if they'd mind if I took it. She seemed happy to let me have it and even sent her husband outside to help me load it into my car. The moral of this story: Don't be timid! If it's on the sidewalk on trash day- grab it! You might be saving something worthwhile from the dump.

Last of all, this will be my project for this weekend. Unfortunately though, it's not mine. *tear*

My friend got it for a steal at a thrift store the other day and brought it by my house to see what could be done for it. The joints are loose, the seat isn't secured, the caning is broken and the finish has seen better days.

But we have a plan. Oh yes, there is a plan for this lovely bench. I'm so excited to work on this thing, and even more excited to share with you the final product!


Shelly said...

You are out-of-control amazing. I can't believe you do so much work! By the way, the "side table" is called a "dough box." My mom has had one FOREVER (that needs a good refinish). They used to put dough in them to rise so that the rodents/insects/dirt/dry air couldn't get to it and use the surface for shaping loaves!

Palmer family said...

My vote is that it says 1963. :) I love the small nightstand and I love Rach's bench...Can't wait to see the finished product! I LOVE the ladder too. I have always wanted one also. My aunt has an old barn one that is SO cute in her L. Room with quilts/blankets hung on it. You are AMAZING.