Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I think I'm dead.

So maybe I'm not dead, but I'm definitely walking on air. Wait, is that Cloud 9 up ahead?
Okay, that was corny. I can't help it. I'm so stinking excited! Tickled is probably the best word to describe how I'm feeling. Why? Well I'll tell ya!

When I got home from an outing with my family last night I decided to check my Google Reader. Kristine over at The Painted Hive had a new post, so as I slowly scrolled down to read it, imagine my surprise and amazement and sheer joy to see my little high chair project featured there! Ha!

Remember it was Kristine that I turned to for help with this project, and upon her advice that I relied in order to do it right. Well, she's beginning a new section on her blog called "Busy Bees", which features the work of other bloggers. And she chose little old me to be her very first Bee! I couldn't stop grinning. I think I even squealed and clapped a little bit. Or maybe a lot. And then I made my husband come and read her post. And then I read it again myself.

Sweet, ego-inflating feature aside, the fact is, you need to visit The Painted Hive. If you haven't yet, you. Must. Go. Kristine's refurbished and rehabilitated furniture pieces are all amazing, her taste in decorating is downright breathtaking, and she really just knows her stuff. So go now and be inspired!

Meanwhile, I'm going to go smile to myself for a few more hours.


Jake & Lisa Danes said...

Sarah, I am tickled for you! With all of the beautiful work that you do, you certainly deserve such praise. I am so happy for your recognition!

Talanea said...

That is fantastic Sarah. Congratulations. You deserve some attention for all the fantastic transformations you have been performing on your finds.