Friday, June 18, 2010

Before and After: Rocking Chair and Tiny Table

I bought this rocking chair a few weeks ago at a local thrift store because it was in terrible condition. Well, the finish was anyway. The rocker itself was pretty good. But I've been wanting to try a new paint treatment on something and I thought this would be the perfect candidate.

The finish wasn't quite this bad when I got it. This photo was taken after quite a bit of sanding.

I decided to give it a wash with some white glaze.

I wanted the white to really stick to the exposed wood, resist in some spots where the finish remained and to sink into the crevices.

I wish it didn't blend into the wall so much. It's hard to see the finish in these photos. But I think I like the way the rocker turned out. It still has that shabby look that I love but without looking like it belongs in the dump.
Or does it?

Wouldn't you know it- this chair is the identical twin of my very own living room rocker!
The next transformation is another piece that seems to be related to something in my house. You know that little blue table?

This is his little brother.

I did almost the very same thing to this one as the other. White primer, blue paint, lots of distressing.

The only difference is that I didn't do any antiquing on this one because the wood underneath was already very dark. It just didn't need it.

This table is tiny. It fits perfectly with one of my little schoolhouse chairs.

My family and I are taking a little vacation together to celebrate me and my mister's 10th wedding anniversary, so I won't be able to post much until I get back. But I promise I have big plans for some furniture and decor projects, so stay tuned ya'll!


Kimberly Aardal said...

I love the rocking chair. It is so classic looking and reminiscent of days gone by that it's bound to inspire memories in many different people. It looks like you put a ton of work into this chair. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I love the blue color of the table! What color is it??