Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Before and After: Wooden Armchair

I have a little chair makeover to share with you today. Nothin' much, but it turned out kinda cute. The chair I started with was less than cute, but I really loved its shape and style.
It makes me think of a dress~ one that's pretty in itself, but it's the back that makes it really special.
I used Ann Marie's chalk paint recipe again, this time with the red paint from the highchair makeover.
The paint goes all matte and, well, chalky when you mix it with plaster of paris, so it distresses beautifully.
I love the dark wood showing through all over, but the red makes it way more cheerful.
I have another furniture redo to share soon, I just need to snap some photos. Here's a peek at the "before" shot, just to pique your interest.


Unknown said...

The wooden armchair design I viewed at the top furniture store in London was stunning in terms of woodwork, craftsmanship and hand polishing that forced me to do away with my modern looking fabric upholstered armchairs and go for a pair of these ornate design French armchairs in natural hardwood that are ‘classic beauty’.

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