Friday, June 26, 2009


I like mobiles. I think they're sweet and pretty and very fun decor for a child's room. The other day I got the notion to make one for my son, but I'll show you that one in a minute. First, here's the first mobile I ever made.

I made it for my daughter a couple of years ago using some very simple materials. The butterflies came from a mobile that was used as decoration at my baby shower when I was pregnant with Pyper. The hoop was purchased in Wal-Mart's craft department, and the leaves and ladybugs were made by me.

The leaves were cut from fleece, then zig-zagged onto fabric covered wire stems and attached to the hoop using floral tape.

The ladybugs were made out of flannel, black wire, black pom poms and hot glue.
Everything was then suspended from the hoop with simple sewing thread (though now I wish I'd used something less noticeable.) The string above the hoop is just embroidery floss attached to a key ring.
Now here's Hakan's new mobile.

I'm really loving hot air balloons lately, ever since I discovered this fabric, which has now become the inspiration for two projects.

For this mobile I didn't have to buy anything. I used scrapbook paper from my stash, a stiff cardboard insert that I think had come with a set of curtains or sheets, some monofilament thread, some Mod Podge, a bit of fabric, an embroidery hoop from my collection and some plain white string.

I had a sheet of scrapbook paper that had clouds on it- perfect for my cloud pieces!

Simple paper-covered circles for the balloon, attached to a plain brown basket with string.

I didn't have any ribbon that I liked or I would have used that to wrap the embroidery hoop. I could also have painted it or just left it natural and it would have been fine. What I ended up doing was cutting a 3/4" strip of fabric and wrapping the hoop, tacking with hot glue every few inches or so, then sealing it with Mod Podge.

It hangs pretty low so it couldn't go over Hakan's bed, but I like how this mobile fills the corner by his closet.
Yay for free, fun decor!

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