Friday, June 12, 2009

Pyper's dresser- complete!

And here she is!

Well, almost. This was taken yesterday (in some very bad lighting, I might add) before I got the dresser polyurenthaned. I just couldn't wait! I was hoping to also have a photo to share of it sitting in its place in Pyper's bedroom, but at the moment her room's not in a state fit to photograph. :) Maybe this afternoon she'll decide to tidy up, and maybe the sun will decide to come out for a decent picture. Maybe?


eve said...

oh, wow! i love it!
awesome work, as usual. no wonder you couldn't wait to post pictures! i can't wait to see it in her room.
makes me wish i was a little more picky/careful when it came to my son's dresser..

Sarah A said...

Beautiful! What color paint did you use?

lux,luci,bridget said...

I love it! great job!

abbiegrace said...

great color choice!