Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chairs and chalkboards and pillows- oh my!

We've got friends stopping in for a visit tomorrow, so I really should be upstairs tidying. But instead I'm going to share what I just took over to the consignment store. I've been busy.

Chalkboard made from a wooden cabinet door found at our local Restore.

Eiffel tower graphic found here, plus a black velvet ribbon on natural cotton.
Fabric transfer patches stitched onto thrifted gingham pillows.
Another cabinet-turned-chalkboard project.
And two barrel-style chairs painted happy Spring colors!

Can you tell that I'm really loving this whole create-and-consign thing? 'Cause I really really am!!


Jake & Lisa Danes said...

What consignment store are you bringing these too??? I just might have to go and pick a couple of these beauties up for myself! You can just facebook me the answer. Thanks!

eve said...

i love how you refinish the furniture, it doesn't look like your standard "antiquing", it looks real. great job & i'm glad you're having fun with it- i love seeing all your work & ideas.