Friday, March 26, 2010

A new bed for Hakan

Craigslist came through for me once again today. I've been on the hunt for a nice, like-new twin sized mattress and box spring for my son for a couple of months, and today I stumbled upon a post for one. I know there are probably some of you for whom the ick-factor of buying a used mattress is insurmountable, but here are my reasons for it being okay with me (this time):

a.) This is for my almost 4-year-old son, and he doesn't care.
b.) It doesn't have any stains or weird smells, and comes from a clean, smoke and pet-free home.
c.) It's practically new and even has the tag still on the end.
d.) I will soon be purchasing an envelope-style mattress cover for it.
e.) It only cost me $75.

Craigslist also provided me with the bed frame a couple of months ago, so I was super excited to finally be able to rearrange his room and include his new big bed and sweet new quilt.

The quilt is from JC Penney and even though it went on clearance after I bought it (doh!), I still love, love, love it.

This antique dresser was also a Craigslist score and the wood tone matches the new bed perfectly.

Please ignore the stacks of boxes in the closet. I have a serious problem getting rid of fabric.

I love his new bed, mainly because it reminds me of his old bed.

This little bed was an antique given to us by my Grandmother whose mother used it as a child. While taking it apart tonight I got a little sad that it now has to go into storage.
It's one of those things that I'd try to save in a fire.
It's one of those things that is irreplaceable and I feel privileged to own.
It's just precious.
But it will be used again, and will probably be needed before I know it.

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eve said...

man! you have really had some awesome luck in the furniture department. that little bed is just incredible, and so sentimental. i wish..
and the new one! wow! so cute. i need to spend more time looking for furniture online i think.
oh, and we bought a used mattress for US, so i'm not judging!