Monday, September 27, 2010

Before and After: Ladder-Back Chair and Another Shutter

The Simply Content sale is this weekend, so I'm in high gear trying to get everything ready. My guest room is filling up with the finished items that I don't have room for in the garage. So get ready for a BUNCH of "before and after" posts!!

I picked up this chair on sale at a thrift store, but it sat for a while until I could decide what I wanted to do with it.

Inspiration struck in the spray paint aisle.

This is RustOleum's "Slate Blue". Pretty, huh?

No primer and lots of sanding bring back the nice weathered look that it had, but with some personality and color.

This next makeover is the twin to the shutter door that I posted about here. Starting off dark and dated, but with a little paint...

... now it's much more fun!

Same as the other one, I first gave it a layer of taupe paint, then applied a glossy red.

I took my friend's advice and put the spoon handle on upside down this time. I think I like it better this way.
This one will probably get a wreath tacked on as well, I just haven't had a chance to make one yet. Maybe that will be tonight's project after the kiddies are in bed.

More makeover reveals are coming, so check back soon, okay?

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Ingard said...

I think I remember seeing one of these used as a reminder/mail sorting station for a family. I used to watch a home decorating show in the early morning many moons ago. I always thought it was such a good idea.

It was something like the one here pictured