Monday, September 6, 2010


I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I'm gearing up for a sale that's taking place on the 1st and 2nd of October called "Simply Content", where consignors are able to sell their goods (furniture, decor, accessories, etc.) to an eager public. It's held in a nearby town and I was informed of it by my kind neighbor last year, but was unable to participate. This year, however, I'm going, I'm selling, and I'm getting ready NOW! Believe me, I've been busy. Along with the furniture pieces I've already shown you recently, there are others that will be getting posts of their own soon, as well as lots of other little items that have gotten made or made over just for this sale. Here are a few.

This little guy has waited patiently for his turn. It's hard to tell in this cluttered photo, but the wood he's made of had gotten pretty dusty and dry, he had no hair (which I don't think ever existed to begin with) and his tail was a sad, tattered old rope.

I gave his whole body a good rub down with some Danish oil to reinvigorate the wood, and now he has a handsome new rope reign and a full yarn mane and tail. Doesn't he just look happier now?

I've made a bunch of new signs, with lots more to come. (The tutorial for making these can be found here.)

Love this one. I didn't paint the boards on this one, they were already that cool weathered gray color from laying outside forever. I so want to keep it!

Prettied up the side of this vine basket with a few big fabric flowers and mother-of-pearl buttons.

These nests were made using Miss Mustard Seed's tutorial here, and the eggs are real but with the insides blown out.
More stuff to share, so be sure and check back again soon!

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